Visiting us

Where are we?

Our little slice of paradise is situated on the tip of the Machangulo Peninsula. Just to the south of Inhaca Island. We are on the main land side of the channel known as Hell’s Gate which separates Inhaca from the main land.

To get to us you can either cross the Maputo Bay by boat, or you can drive (4×4 only) by car.

Southern Mozambique is considered a low risk malaria area, please consult your physician.

Option 1 - Boat Charter

The quickest and most direct way to visit us, is to charter a private transfer boat, or a slightly cheaper option, jump a “public charter shared boat” heading to Santa Maria. There are a number of different companies that one can use. See links below.

These charter boats leave from either Maputo Marina  or Porto De Pesca  and come directly to Santa Maria, about 40km, they usually drop you off as close as possible to your accommodation.  

Some lodges can arrange a transfer for you and some will even do the transfer themselves – chat to your lodge to discuss your options.

You can park your car at the port for a nominal daily fee. It is generally very safe as they have guards watching over the cars.

Charter companies

Number 1 Boat Charters
Maputo Blue
Moz Camp Adventures

Option 2 - Ferry

There is a public ferry that leaves from Catembe ferry pier in Maputo and goes to Inhaca. It will drop you off at the Inhaca village.

You can park your car at the Afrin hotel for a nominal daily fee. It is generally very safe as there are guards watching over the cars.

Once the ferry arrives at Inhaca you disembark onto a “Banana boat” which transfers you to the Island. Make sure to have a 100Mzn to pay for this.

Once on the Island you can either:

Catch a local boat from Inhaca pier to Santa Maria. 


a 30 minute car transfer to the “Reserve” on the south end of the Island where you will be met by a pre-arranged Banana boat who will transfer you to the main land aka Santa Maria. Usually your accommodation will assist you with the final transfer boat. See below for contact details for people who can assist you with the car transfer.

Victor + 258 87 915 9942

Amos + 258 84 533 5568

Option 3 - Drive

By road, through the Maputo special reserve aka Maputo Elephant reserve.

On the Maputo – Ponta road, 70KM south  of the Katembe bridge (40km North of the Farazul / Kosibay border post) you turn off the tar road and enter the park at the Futi Gate (NB – The DeGala (Southern Gate) is closed).

The road is a total of 67km of thick, soft sand and requires a high clearance 4×4 vehicle. 39km through the Elephant reserve and 28km beyond the reserve through rural villages.  

The drive can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. If you are interested in driving through the reserve but would like more information click here