Santa MAria

Santa Maria is a small village which is dependent on our tourist industry for its survival.

The people are friendly and hard working. They are at their happiest when their guests are happy and well taken care of.

There is a market where you can buy essentials  such as, rice, sugar, coffee, tea, milk etc. in the village. However fresh veggies and fruit are only brought across the bay from Maputo by Dhow twice a week. Usually on Monday and Thursday. But some of the villages have started their own veggie gardens and are doing really well.

There are several little bakeries dotted around the area, where you can get bread aka pão for the day. We suggest you chat to the staff at your villa and ask them to bring you pão daily, as it tends to go stale quite quickly.

The new chicken “farm” is supplying the village and tourists with fresh eggs and fresh chicken. Be sure to ask for a “frango” which is ready to be spiced for dinner.

Alcohol is readily available from almost anywhere is the village and at any little road side shop.

Fresh fish and prawns are usually readily available from the locals. You only need to chat to your house staff, they will be able to assist you in having some delivered to your front door. 



Bemugi's is the local restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, stunning surroundings and delicious food

Coming soon

Watch this space. A new restaurant is being build in the village. We will keep you posted.

Fuel is available in the Village